Thoughts on video editing

When I started my Journalism class this Spring semester, I did not anticipate the complexities, or the range of emotions which one can feel when creating and perfecting a video project.

It was not easy, as I had to learn the operation of a video camera for the first time. I also learned (the hard way) that I should be prepared with at least 120 minutes of tape.

When I had to edit the video in iMovie, I initially had to read Apple’s tutorials and ask questions from other colleagues in order to get a grasp of the software (and work around its limitations, which became more apparent as time moved forward).

All of this was done by myself, as my partner had to withdraw from the class due to scheduling conflicts (a necessary thing for any student to do).

However, through the course of the semester and a number of mistakes, I gradually became acclimated towards the process. I took inspiration from years of viewing the cutaway and editing styles of cable/satellite news television programs, but I also managed to work around flaws in my raw footage in order to make sure that the footage tells a story to the viewer, or puts the viewer into the recorded event for however long a duration I can manage.

It’s an exercise which I would encourage a lot of people to at least try once in their lifetimes. Multimedia narratology is a trying but worthwhile process which tests one’s capacity to portray a story for other people to view and forward to others.

You can see my videos for MSC-TV in my portfolio section.


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