Photoshop’s impact on society

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Photoshop has so impacted our society that “to Photoshop” has become de-facto genericized as a verb for “to engage in the act of editing an image with image-editing software, usually Adobe Photoshop”. Adeptness at using Photoshop in order to indiscreetly insert or remove a property into or from a picture (without betraying the manipulated or illusory nature of the image to other viewers) is considered a work of art or act of competition in some quarters.

The utility of Photoshop is apparent in the high-stakes world of advertising, as artists and photo editors are pressured to make direct visual appeals to the eyes of potential customers for the advertised wares.

Photoshop has also impacted photography for such applications as fashion. One of the more controversial results of this impact is the usage of Photoshop to airbrush flaws from the photographed faces of models, leading to accusations of deceptive advertising in regards to cosmetics advertisements.

This, among many others, tends to give credence to the view of Photoshop as a double-edged sword depending upon the purpose or manner of usage.

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