The impact of digital technology and the internet on modern societies

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The impact of digital technology and the Internet upon modern societies is most evinced in the rapidity of communication between any two or more individuals. Such rapidity has amplified the emotional ramifications attached to such communications, but has also helped in the often-remote coordination of common objectives (Howe).

Digital technology and the Internet have also impacted the nature of transactions of money or other resources (e-commerce, donations, etc.). The ability to peruse and pay through the same medium unifies methods of correpondence retail that previously existed, such as television shopping and catalog books which would be purchased by phone.

Finally, the internationalized nature of the Internet has prompted societies to obtain digital technology which is capable of accessing the Internet or other networks, namely to accomplish the two above objectives. The Internet has furthered the globalization of business and commerce (Kluver), strongly increasing the legitimacy of the service sector at the expense of the industrial sector, and has aided speakers of myriad languages to comment on or appropriate tropes and trends from myriad societies for their own benefit.

–Works cited–

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